Kelley O’Hara | WNT vs Mexico Sept. 18 2014


Ladies Rule The World: [1/5] Athletes → Tobin Heath

I'm always reminded when I'm hurt how much of a blessing it is to play.


Hope solo walking like Hope Solo :P



So I’m sure you recognize this as one of the epic moments from “The Prince of Egypt” where we see the super majestic whale as they cross through the Red Sea. However I noticed just one little issue: whale tales don’t move from side to side, they move up and down. And then it hit me, that’s not a whale. That’s not a whale. It’s a motherfucking SHARK. A BIG ASS MEGALODONIAN SHARK. WAITING IN THE WATER TO EAT THE PHARAOH’S SOLDIERS. Goddamn, Dreamworks.



"hey guys, what’s hip, what’s happenin’?! How bout that Alex Martin and Abby Wombat? they’re pretty rad aren’t they?" - HAO 30 years from now, probably

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. That’s it.

Fuck fake fans.